[Shitpost] Qri’s “Diamond” Shines Bright


Yes that’s a Rihanna reference. But seriously, “Diamond” is Qri’s solo off of the “What’s My Name?” mini and it’s possibly the best song on that album! It’s totally great and one of the best b-sides of 2017 so far.


[MV Review] T-ara – “What’s My Name?”

T-ara make their final comeback (under MBK at least) and the results are well welcome from start to finish.

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2012-2017: A T-ara Retrospective

The year was 2012, I was graduating from elementary school and becoming a freshman in high school. This was also the year I fully dove into K-pop. Before I mainly listened to Girls’ Generation and SHINee, with a Big Bang and f(x) video here and there. But that all changed when “Gangnam Style” became popular and I decided to listen to many other groups, T-ara was one of those groups. Their Absolute First Album was actually one of the first K-pop albums I listened to from start to finished and loved it. T-ara soon became one of my favorite groups.

Then the bully scandal broke lose and things got confusing.

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