[MV Review] BLACKPINK – “Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du”

YG finally let Blackpink out of the basement and it’s glorious.

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Momoland – “BBoom BBoom”

Momoland unfortunately was one of those nugu groups that I didn’t get a chance to keep up with during the hell that was my life in 2017. The first release wasn’t my favorite but they’ve started off the new year with a new song, so all’s well that *starts* well.

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My Top 30 Title Tracks of 2017

young k

2017 had a lot of good songs, so much so that making this list was frustrating. I first made a giant list of songs I liked, color coordinated them to which songs that I really liked. I’m usually able to narrow that list down by 20 or 15, but no, this time I ended up way over that, so I had to narrow the list down again until finally I was content with just putting up 30. So here are the 30 promotional tracks that I couldn’t say no to.

Side note, although the list is giant (to me), I actually didn’t get a chance to check out a lot of K-pop this year due to health and other reasons. So barely any nugus made this list.

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BTS – “MIC Drop” Steve Aoki Remix (Feat. Desiigner)

Beloved DJ and musician Steve Aoki and BTS teamed up remix the best b-side on BTS’s latest mini album, as well as American rapper Desiigner and it’s awesome.

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