BTS Release “Serendipity” Teaser Starring Jimin

Right after I make a post about Jimin being the cutest of cuties, Big Hit releases the teaser/intro to their new album basically having Jimin sing for nearly thee minutes in a video that essentially extenuates his cuteness. I’ve replayed this like five times already, Namjoon’s production on it is A1, the hype for “HER” is real.


Jimin’s Unrivaled Cuteness Remains Unrivaled

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It is only befitting that I also post about how Jimin is still the cutest of cuties, the ultimate goal of cuteness and cute things, the cutest person to ever cute.

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Death Threats Are Still a Thing and Are Still Pathetic

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BTS has been on their world tour for the past month and have been in America for the past week or two, and with it have come cringe worthy and embarrassing moments thanks to the likes of interviewers calling them the Korean 1 Direction, because BTS and 1D’s music is just so similar and their image is totally the same; to even the hilarious mishap of calling Rap Monster, Rat Monster multiple times. However, what really takes the cake is that some insane person has been sending Jimin death threats, stating that when they perform in Los Angeles, they’re going to shoot him.

Um, the fuck?

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Random Selections From the “Jimin Fap” Folder

Jimin is so fucking hot. You guys agree and one of to know if the “Jimin Fap” folder was real and to share it. It is. No I don’t legit fap to it but the name is suiting. I can’t post everything I have in there because that would take way too long not to mention embarrassing so here are some of my top choices.

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