Oops Round Up – Reviews That Went Right Over My Head

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These are reviews for songs that either flew right over my head, or reviews I completely forgot to do.

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[Shitpost] Qri’s “Diamond” Shines Bright


Yes that’s a Rihanna reference. But seriously, “Diamond” is Qri’s solo off of the “What’s My Name?” mini and it’s possibly the best song on that album! It’s totally great and one of the best b-sides of 2017 so far.

The Latest Media Hit On Sulli is the Worst Yet

sulli 2017 high cut

Sulli while still remaining popular and well liked by many also has her fair share of people who will rip and ridicule her for quite literally the most basic shit such as minor drunk injuries, cutting a bit of her own hair before a major hair cut, and enjoying social media.   And thus she’s been hit by majority of media and has had numerous click-bait articles written about her because rather you love or hate her, Sulli=clicks in Korea which means more chump change for armchair journalist, however the most recent hit from media has to be the worst.

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Baekhyun’s True Father Revealed

baekhyun mullet

So we all know SM’s latest hair victim is Baekhyun, and while SM’s choice in hair styles has always been rather questionable, I never thought I’d see the day they give someone a mullet, but there’s a first time for everything right? And boy are the fans have fun with it!

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I Rank Day6’s Half-Year 2017 Releases


Day6 is a group I’ve reeeaaaallly warmed up over the past couple of months. I wasn’t really feeling their early songs despite that I actually like their genre/sound. Plus then there was that dating scandal that put their careers on hold for a bit and I kind of feared what would happen to the group because companies, even JYP, can pull that whole “make-or-break” thing when it comes to stuff like that.

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