Super Roundup: CLC, Red Velvet, Amber x Luna, Mamamoo, Suzy, Got7, Big Bang, Monsta X, and the NCTs.

clc black dress

There’s been aaaaaallllooooottt of releases and I haven’t covered them, so you know the drill, time for the roundup!

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BoA – “Nega Dola” and “One Shot Two Shot”

boa nega dola

The Queen of K-pop returned with new releases! As an avid BoA fan, I’m always up for more. She ended 2017 with a jazzy swing-pop number that I enjoyed; and now she’s back in Korea for an official comeback. As far as BoA releases go, they stand on their own.

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R.I.P. K-Pop: C. 1970s-2018 (Not Really Though)


What up biaatch? Long time no see. Nothing bad this time, I’ve just been prepping for school/work an also traveling. I was running kind of low on blogging juice until some gold fell into my lap; K-pop is dying yo!

Sana, in all black attire, attending the Funeral for K-pop.

I’ll admit, when I first got into K-pop I was a bit of a talent enthusiasts which I quickly grew out of when I learned that “talent” is about as interchangeable and/or varying as an idols hair color throughout an entire year. But one thing I’ve never understood, is the notion that an entire genre sucks or is dying, because the talents of the mainstream artists don’t reach my standards.

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Momoland – “BBoom BBoom”

Momoland unfortunately was one of those nugu groups that I didn’t get a chance to keep up with during the hell that was my life in 2017. The first release wasn’t my favorite but they’ve started off the new year with a new song, so all’s well that *starts* well.

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My Top 30 Title Tracks of 2017

young k

2017 had a lot of good songs, so much so that making this list was frustrating. I first made a giant list of songs I liked, color coordinated them to which songs that I really liked. I’m usually able to narrow that list down by 20 or 15, but no, this time I ended up way over that, so I had to narrow the list down again until finally I was content with just putting up 30. So here are the 30 promotional tracks that I couldn’t say no to.

Side note, although the list is giant (to me), I actually didn’t get a chance to check out a lot of K-pop this year due to health and other reasons. So barely any nugus made this list.

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