BTS – “MIC Drop” Steve Aoki Remix (Feat. Desiigner)

Beloved DJ and musician Steve Aoki and BTS teamed up remix the best b-side on BTS’s latest mini album, as well as American rapper Desiigner and it’s awesome.

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BTS Performs at the AMA’s

BTS did their thing at the AMA’s and it was great, my only quip is that the camerawork didn’t really capture the choreography but that’s minor. I also wish they’d perform “MIC Drop” or something with a bit more energy but again, minor complaint. The fans were wild as usual, the boys were great as usual. BTS is thriving!

f(x): A Group of Greatly Bizarre Consistency

I know, it’s been forever since I’ve been working this post, but it’s finally here. Enjoy!

f(x) 2011

I picked a picture with Sulli on purpose. This is a post about f(x) as a whole and to not include Sulli would be disrespectful because she’s been in f(x) more than she’s been out.

So this is the start of a new thing I want to do where I talk about some of my favorite artists as sort of a “spotlight” piece; only it’s going to be a bit longer than spotlight pieces. I’ll basically be talking about what I like about the group or soloist, as well as where they are now and how they’ve developed in terms of sound and aesthetic. I figured f(x) would be the perfect group for the first one because they’re my favorite group, and they’ve also reached veteran status among groups, meaning they have more development material.

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Victoria is Amazing Yet Again in Another Photo-Shoot for SuperELLE 2017 Winter Issue

vic elle1

Victoria has always been wonderfully beautiful but these recent photo shoots she’s been doing recently have been seriously killing it. I need an f(x) comeback in my life.

Props to XAO PIZZA on OneHallyu

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BTS is a K-Pop Group


BTS are a K-Pop group.

K-Pop=Korean Pop Music.

BTS are a group of Korean men, born and raised in Korea with Korean heritage.

They sing hip-hop and pop songs in Korean.

They perform on Korean music shows.

Majority of their awards have been won in Korea.

Their main fanbase is of Koreans in Korea.

BTS has broken many records in the west despite singing in a language (Korean) that is not commonly spoken.

They’re not ashamed of being K-pop.

BTS is a K-pop group.

Get the fuck over it.