BTS Performs at the AMA’s

BTS did their thing at the AMA’s and it was great, my only quip is that the camerawork didn’t really capture the choreography but that’s minor. I also wish they’d perform “MIC Drop” or something with a bit more energy but again, minor complaint. The fans were wild as usual, the boys were great as usual. BTS is thriving!


“Twicetagram” Spoiler and Teasers

Twice are set to comeback tomorrow with “Likey.” When I first heard of the single title I cringed because “likey” just has that effect on me. But I can say that the album spoiler and teasers sound great and I’m excited! I’ve been spazzing the past few days over the new season of “Stranger Things” so this will just add to my constant state of being spazz.

9-8-5: SNSD is Down By 4.

tss collage

So, Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun have decided to not renew their contracts with SM. While it’s of course sad to see these three (two of which are really up their in my SNSD biases) go, I have to admit, after the initial [semi] shock, I kind of just felt, well “yeah seems about right.”

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What’s Been Going On, Where I’ve Been, and the Future Of This Blog

Jimin just because.

As you can see, I haven’t been very active on my blog as I was planning to be. I have reasons for that and by it being nearly the fourth anniversary of me blogging about K-pop, I see this as an appropriate post to make. This will get a little personal.

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BTS Release “Serendipity” Teaser Starring Jimin

Right after I make a post about Jimin being the cutest of cuties, Big Hit releases the teaser/intro to their new album basically having Jimin sing for nearly thee minutes in a video that essentially extenuates his cuteness. I’ve replayed this like five times already, Namjoon’s production on it is A1, the hype for “HER” is real.

Six Years With G-Dragon

I got into K-pop about six years ago and G-Dragon was one of the main people I listened to and still do. He was actually one of my earliest K-pop “obsessions”, I listened to everything Big Bang, his first album, and his album with TOP. While of course that “honeymoon phase” has gone, there’s still a lot of nostalgia there. I was 14-15 years old which by me being almost being 20 doesn’t seem like a long time but given how different my life was at the time it feels like forever ago. G-Dragon still remains one of my top biases; happy birthday dude.