The Big Bias List (All The Groups I Listen To)

This post came under the idea of one of my anon’s on my It was about a month ago and I’ve finally finished it. Essentially it’s me ranking my biases in all the groups I listen to, or listen to on a regular that is. Think of Kpopalypse’s Girl Group Compendium for example. Only I bias boys as well as girls.

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Baekhyun’s True Father Revealed

baekhyun mullet

So we all know SM’s latest hair victim is Baekhyun, and while SM’s choice in hair styles has always been rather questionable, I never thought I’d see the day they give someone a mullet, but there’s a first time for everything right? And boy are the fans have fun with it!

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K-Pop Nostalgia – 2NE1’s “Can’t Nobody”

It’s a time where I’m supposed to be asleep but in usual suho_ftw fashion: I’m wide awake. I’ve been feeling particularly nostalgic for 2NE1’s old stuff. Like their 2009-2012 stuff. I find myself missing them a lot these days. While I wasn’t feeling their 2nd album 100% and I practically have no bias in the group these days; 2NE1’s good stuff will always be infinite and glorious; they’ve left such a huge impact on K-pop and their legacy is strong. Here’s one for “the good ole days” (shudders), here’s to 2NE1.

*Disclaimer – I’m calling this “nostalgia” because while 2009 isn’t that long ago in a relative sense, eight years is like five decades in K-pop years.

Playing Catch-Up: Boygroup Edition (Seventeen, iKON, Got7 + Nugus)

Another week in K-pop has passed as well as a week of releases I have yet to see; mostly from boy groups. With three major boygroups (iKON, Seventeen, and Got7) having comebacks in the same time this is bound to be, if nothing else but interesting.

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suho_ftw’s First Blog Survey Results + a Happy Birthday for Suho

suho bday

Happy 26th Suho Day!

So a week ago from today I posted my first blog survey and now let’s look at the results. Keep in mind that I didn’t use an IP address tracker so every one of your responses is 100% anonymous (or at least that’s what Survey Monkey says.) So let’s get started.

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3 New Biases I Finally Have

Image result for dreamcatcher kpop

Most people are really quick to pick biases, that used to be me too however I find it a little harder to pick biases these days, mostly because it’s a bit harder for me to get into newer groups.

That said here are three new biases I have for groups most of you probably have biases in already.
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suho_ftw Blog Survey (Parts 1 and 2)

suho sunglasses

So, I’ve just realized that more than two people read my blog and I’m curious about the demographics of the blog as well as what the readers here think so I’ve finally made a survey for it. It’s the first survey about this blog so if you get a chance to do it it’s greatly appreciated.

The reason why there is a part 1 and a part 2 is because in order to get more than 10 questions on one survey you have to pay for it, which is bullshit and if any of you know better survey platforms then feel free to link me some.

Part 1

Part 2

Have fun!