Shitpost: BTS “DNA” Calculator and Toy Covers

This is a thing and it’s amazing.

Calculators have always been instruments, but now they’re instruments.


Amber is the Best

I honestly find it bizarre that Amber has haters because well, she’s Amber. She’s like the most unoffensive and pure thing in Kpop since ever. But she took what would normally be uncomfortable or even sad and made one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. I miss f(x) like a lot.

The article I originally had planned for f(x) has been retracted as I want it to fit the current way things are going on this blog. I know I’ve been working on this post since like May but f(x) is my favorite group and I really want it to be perfect. When I last edited it, I initially wanted it to be posted on their eighth anniversary which was back in September but fate had other plans. Anyway expect it within the next week or two. Promise.

BTS Release “Serendipity” Teaser Starring Jimin

Right after I make a post about Jimin being the cutest of cuties, Big Hit releases the teaser/intro to their new album basically having Jimin sing for nearly thee minutes in a video that essentially extenuates his cuteness. I’ve replayed this like five times already, Namjoon’s production on it is A1, the hype for “HER” is real.