R.I.P. K-Pop: C. 1970s-2018 (Not Really Though)


What up biaatch? Long time no see. Nothing bad this time, I’ve just been prepping for school/work an also traveling. I was running kind of low on blogging juice until some gold fell into my lap; K-pop is dying yo!

Sana, in all black attire, attending the Funeral for K-pop.

I’ll admit, when I first got into K-pop I was a bit of a talent enthusiasts which I quickly grew out of when I learned that “talent” is about as interchangeable and/or varying as an idols hair color throughout an entire year. But one thing I’ve never understood, is the notion that an entire genre sucks or is dying, because the talents of the mainstream artists don’t reach my standards.

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f(x): A Group of Greatly Bizarre Consistency

I know, it’s been forever since I’ve been working this post, but it’s finally here. Enjoy!

f(x) 2011

I picked a picture with Sulli on purpose. This is a post about f(x) as a whole and to not include Sulli would be disrespectful because she’s been in f(x) more than she’s been out.

So this is the start of a new thing I want to do where I talk about some of my favorite artists as sort of a “spotlight” piece; only it’s going to be a bit longer than spotlight pieces. I’ll basically be talking about what I like about the group or soloist, as well as where they are now and how they’ve developed in terms of sound and aesthetic. I figured f(x) would be the perfect group for the first one because they’re my favorite group, and they’ve also reached veteran status among groups, meaning they have more development material.

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Hyuna’s “Babe” and the Current “Coming of Age” Concepts in K-pop

I was late on this comeback per usual these days but I didn’t want to sit back on this because it’s definitely significant in a way that I couldn’t get across in a basic review. A lot of people have been comparing (and having similar reactions to) “Babe” to IU’s “23” and “Palette.” I have to say, it’s interesting seeing Hyuna take a crack at that since Hyuna is kind of like the polar opposite to IU in terms of image and music, yet both have made an impact in K-pop especially with female idols, and now we’ve seen them almost join hands with this refreshing coming of age concept that I am both excited and happy to see.

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Kyla of Pristin is Taking a Hiatus

*I want to preface this article very quickly to say thanks to those of you who sent support over the article I wrote about the future of this blog. It really does mean a lot to me- thank you, thank you, thank you!*

kyla pristin

It was announced a few days ago that Kyla from Pristin will be taking a break due to health problems. You can read more about Pledis’s statement here and here.

Most of you know from my bias list that Kyla is high in my Pristin biases, so when this news broke out I was pretty sad.

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9-8-5: SNSD is Down By 4.

tss collage

So, Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun have decided to not renew their contracts with SM. While it’s of course sad to see these three (two of which are really up their in my SNSD biases) go, I have to admit, after the initial [semi] shock, I kind of just felt, well “yeah seems about right.”

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The Latest Media Hit On Sulli is the Worst Yet

sulli 2017 high cut

Sulli while still remaining popular and well liked by many also has her fair share of people who will rip and ridicule her for quite literally the most basic shit such as minor drunk injuries, cutting a bit of her own hair before a major hair cut, and enjoying social media.   And thus she’s been hit by majority of media and has had numerous click-bait articles written about her because rather you love or hate her, Sulli=clicks in Korea which means more chump change for armchair journalist, however the most recent hit from media has to be the worst.

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Blackface In K-Pop Part 2: Return of the Fuckery

hoshi cute

This also marks the return of Hoshi being the “cuteness break”, because this post has a lot of ugly in it.

Over a year ago I made this post (you get a cookie if you can make it through my shitty writing) addressing what is and what isn’t blackface within the realm of Korean entertainment because I saw so many people accusing a lot of shit in K-pop such as G-Dragon in “Coup D’tat” and Hyuna’s tan as “blackface” when it really isn’t, and that kind of stuff de-legitimizes actual cases of blackface. I still stand by most of what I wrote in that original article (some of the stuff I’ve changed my mind on, and other stuff I’m kind of on the fence about, I might make another post addressing that later-it actually shocks me how immature I sound in the intro of that article) and I thought it was possible Korean entertainment was over blackface and it could move on from shitty race-baiting gimmicks for laughs.

Oh I what a fool I was. Because this year has been utter hell for blackface.

Disclaimer: For those of you who don’t know, I’m a black female in university with a good knowledge of history. So for those of you who claim I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, yes the fuck I do.

WARNING:  This post contains offensive imagery. I will try to balance out with cute pictures of Seventeen’s Hoshi but just know it get’s nasty.

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