Baekhyun’s True Father Revealed

baekhyun mullet

So we all know SM’s latest hair victim is Baekhyun, and while SM’s choice in hair styles has always been rather questionable, I never thought I’d see the day they give someone a mullet, but there’s a first time for everything right? And boy are the fans have fun with it!

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K-Pop Nostalgia – 2NE1’s “Can’t Nobody”

It’s a time where I’m supposed to be asleep but in usual suho_ftw fashion: I’m wide awake. I’ve been feeling particularly nostalgic for 2NE1’s old stuff. Like their 2009-2012 stuff. I find myself missing them a lot these days. While I wasn’t feeling their 2nd album 100% and I practically have no bias in the group these days; 2NE1’s good stuff will always be infinite and glorious; they’ve left such a huge impact on K-pop and their legacy is strong. Here’s one for “the good ole days” (shudders), here’s to 2NE1.

*Disclaimer – I’m calling this “nostalgia” because while 2009 isn’t that long ago in a relative sense, eight years is like five decades in K-pop years.


As if Jungkook’s cover could get any better. This was fucking awesome. 10/10 would twerk to this.

(I know you guys want some real articles. I swear I’m gonna get to those, finals are creeping up but I’ll crank out some decent articles before then. I’m gonna keep doing these shitposts in between because I’m having too much fun.)

[NSFW] BTS as Cupcakke Songs

bts crotch grab


Two BTS related articles in a row! I’ll try to not make a habit out of it. Anyway, for those of you who don’t know of the Chicago based rapper Cupcakke, you should. She’s pretty mind blowingly and amazing in that “Holy shit this finally exists!” Sort of way. She’s become one of my favorite rappers at the moment (for better or worse – it doesn’t matter her shit is fire.) I’ve been listening to BTS’s “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” a lot lately, and I’ve been particularly sinful so I figured why not act on it for once?

WARNING: If you’re not a fan of sexually explicit lyrics or crude humor then it would be your best interest to skip this post.

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