[Album Review] BTS – Love Yourself: Tear

bts love yourself tear

I’m at that point of being a fan where whenever BTS returns, I expect something good. I never keep my expectations too high for obvious reasons, but when it comes to BTS, I expect quality.

And quality is something “Love Yourself: Tear” does not lack.

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[Album Review] Girls’ Generation – “Holiday Night”


SNSD is back with another album for their 10th anniversary, and given how much I enjoyed their upgraded sound on their Lion Heart album, I was looking forward to Holiday Night in the hopes of hearing some classic SNSD mixed with some new SNSD and what I got was just that.

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[Album Review] Lovelyz – “R U Ready?”


I’ve been a fan of Lovelyz since their debut with “Candy Jelly Love” and a stan since I listened to their first album, Girl’s Invasion. Ever since their string of releases is solid from their promotional tracks to their mini albums, and I was super excited for their second full length album since Lovelyz have yet to disappoint with their b-sides. Does R U Ready? compare with the legend of Girl’s Invasion?

Not really…

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