The Big Bias List (All The Groups I Listen To)

This post came under the idea of one of my anon’s on my It was about a month ago and I’ve finally finished it. Essentially it’s me ranking my biases in all the groups I listen to, or listen to on a regular that is. Think of Kpopalypse’s Girl Group Compendium for example. Only I bias boys as well as girls.

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Red Velvet Reveals “Red Flavor” Teaser Pictures


Red Velvet are making a comeback on June 9th with another mini album, from the looks of it, it will be very summery, like most girl groups in the summertime. This marks Red Velvet’s first summer comeback since their debut with “Happiness”, minus the dip-dye (I REALLY want to see Yeri with purple dip-dye but I digress.)

The teaser pictures definitely deliver.

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Random Selections From the “Jimin Fap” Folder

Jimin is so fucking hot. You guys agree and one of to know if the “Jimin Fap” folder was real and to share it. It is. No I don’t legit fap to it but the name is suiting. I can’t post everything I have in there because that would take way too long not to mention embarrassingĀ so here are some of my top choices.

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