CL is the G.O.A.T

CL dazed 2017 1

Like most people, I got beef with 2NE1’s disbandment and his general treatment of the group in general. Sure in the groups later years I wasn’t a huge mega fan, and I may not have stanned CL’s solo efforts hard; but my main beef isn’t even with CL or any member of 2NE1, it has always been YG (the person). 2NE1’s disbandment truly, did not have to happen. Bom’s scandal didn’t have to go down like it did – don’t even get me started on the whole Taehyun situation or how he met his wife.

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[MV Review] BLACKPINK – “Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du”

YG finally let Blackpink out of the basement and it’s glorious.

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K-Pop in 2013 Was Shit But This Post Doesn’t Have To Be

snsd i got a boy
The song and music video to spawn many, many, many polarizing opinions.

I got into K-pop in 2011, it’s 2018 now so that makes it roughly seven years I’ve been an avid fan of K-pop and you know what? It’s been amazing and it continues to be an amazing and positive experience for me.

But with time, you have to come to grips with the fact that you’re aging. Keep in mind I’m 20 here but people my age are starting to come into THAT stage of stanning when a new fan says something and you’re left absolutely flabbergasted.

“2013 was the golden year of K-pop.”

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[Album Review] BTS – Love Yourself: Tear

bts love yourself tear

I’m at that point of being a fan where whenever BTS returns, I expect something good. I never keep my expectations too high for obvious reasons, but when it comes to BTS, I expect quality.

And quality is something “Love Yourself: Tear” does not lack.

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