About Me

Hi I am suho_ftw and welcome to my blog where I talk about things K-Pop related. Feel free to browse through the blog and comment. 

Moving on, I’m from Chicago and I am twenty years old and a sophomore in college-currently taking the semester off though. I have a pretty wide taste in music and speak very basic Korean (I know the alphabet, some words, and basic phrases) but I plan on expanding it. I first discovered K-Pop in 2011 and really started getting into it in 2012. I named myself suho_ftw because when I made this blog I was a huge EXO fan and Suho was and was and still is my favorite member.

My favorite groups are f(x) and BTS and my biases from these two groups are Krystal and Jimin. My two ultimate biases are SHINee’s Onew and SNSD’s Taeyeon. I like A LOT more however to list them all would take forever.

*NOTE* When I first started I was advised to not use my real name so I chose Yoonhwa Park. NOT my real name at all (I’m a black American.) Yoonhwa translates to the same thing my birth name means and Park is a popular last name in Korea and my last name is popular in the US. I’m over the “real name” scare though, so feel free to call me suho_ftw, Yoonhwa, or Yanna which is my nickname (from my real name.)

My Twitter (@suho_ftw)



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