[MV Review] Nine Muses – “Love City”

Nine Muses make another comeback after the amazingness that was “Remember” with “Love City” and it’s great.

It appears no matter how many members Nine Muses has at any given time they still release quality music. “Love City” is yet another notch on their belt. It differs a lot from “Remember” due to it being a heavier dance pop song but it’s still just as good. It has a thriving beat, very modern sounding almost Britney Spears-esque, almost T-ara-ish. The chorus is very catchy and I find myself singing it again as well as the L-O-V-E chants. I want to point out that this has one of the best intros in K-pop. Nine Muses continues to crush the music scene.


The music video is pretty standard for Nine Muses, great visuals with various attractive settings. I dig the purple and pink aesthetic and as always the fashion choices are on point and the girls look fantastic. Hyemi looks great, Kyungri look good as always, I’m digging Keumjo’s new dye job and Sojin’s new orange-red hair suits her. Speaking of Sojin, I know everyone likes to rip on Keumjo for whatever reason and this isn’t a diss to Sojin but she has one of the stiffest faces ever. She looks hella uncomfortable throughout the whole video. I dig her whisper-rapping but her expressions when she is rapping is just-stone-and not in a sexy way.

Overall Nine Muses’s current run reminds me of when they reached their peak back in 2013 with “Dolls”, “Wild”, “Gun”, and “Glue.” I hope they release another song towards the end of the year in the hopes that they have some sort of second-peak. Hyemi renewed her contract so that basically means we’ll get some more Muses for the years to come so fingers crossed Star Empire keeps going in the same route they’re currently on.


Author: Yanni

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