Oops Round Up – Reviews That Went Right Over My Head

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These are reviews for songs that either flew right over my head, or reviews I completely forgot to do.

Lee Hyori – “Black” and “Seoul”

Lee Hyori’s finally back with an unexpected turn and it’s pretty good. “Black” is an edgy-alternative inspired track that takes a few notes from old-Western style music. In fact the music video seems to take place the Wild Wild West. I enjoy the more chill and laid back sound that the song carries over Hyori’s more relaxed vocals. This has to be one of the best music videos in 2017, it’s cinematic, has a rather charming story line, and it’s cool to see a glamour queen such as Hyori doing a more dressed down approach.

Another more lax song from Hyori only I’m not as crazy about this one. It’s definitely good but it’s not a song I’m going to be grabbing to often. It’s light, breezy, and subtle and that’s about it. Another good music video as the shots here are absolutely beautiful and Hyori dancing passionately in front of various beautiful city backdrops is honestly more satisfying that I thought it would.

Apink – “Five”

While Hyori evolved Apink devolved. Don’t get me wrong, I totally dig “Five”, it’s addictive and catchy with that late 90s-early 2000s song that Apink is notorious for, and also a sound that I love. But I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty much like majority of their other stuff. Even the music video extra familiar. It’s a bit odd because Apink showed a little maturity last year with “Only One” ( a song I loved) but I guess Pink Pandas can’t stand to see Apink that isn’t “My My” or “No No No” for the hundred-thousandth time and Plan A is just doing what most other companies would do and was eager to please. Can’t say I blame them though. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? “Five” is regular old Apink and that’s enough for me to keep me hitting replay so I guess they’ve suckered me in as well.

Mamamoo – “Yes I Am”

Mamamoo has had a rather…interesting run in K-pop. For me at least. I was a stan during most of their debut stuff but just fell ever so slightly out of love with them around “Um Oh Ah Yeah” and “You’re The Best.” Then the controversies came and I my feelings on Mamamoo as a group was the equivalent to a shrug. Definitely don’t hate but not nearly as head over heals for them as I once was. But boy are they slowly making up for it with “Yes I Am.” It’s a slinky disco-dance song with a driving beat and a chic vibe which is unique for the group in terms of promotional singles, and it’s a good change. It sounds like something that would play on the radios of the downtown Macy’s that would make you tap your foot as you purchase overpriced jeans and perfume. That’s always a win for me. I dig the change in music video aesthetic with the sexy fashion and glitz of it all. The girls all look great and I’m digging Hwasa’s jet black hair and Moonbyuls black-blue shiny sleek do.

Stellar – “Archangels of the Sephrioth” 

Okay so Stellar went 100% creepy-sexy-badass in both song and music video and it’s awesome. I dig the exotic percussion instruments used along with the moody and dark setting of the melody. The verses stand out even more than the chorus here but it winds up working in the songs favor as Stellar chant “Gimme love love love” like some early-2000s all-girl pop-punk rock band that’s both girly and edgy at the same time. It’s just sooooo good in a really weird way. Stellar has always been different from K-pop’s main pool of girl groups but here they’ve really set themselves apart.

Zico – “Artist”

Another bizarre but good release. Zico’s new song is a jam and and odd jam at that. Zico reminds me a lot of Ludacris here, not musically but everything else. He’s just so campy and it’s super easy to enjoy this. Kind of hard for me to hate this so all I can say is, “we artists baby.”

BTS –  “Come Back Home”

I must be the worst BTS fan. How in the hell did I forget to even mention this on my blog? Anyway “Come Back Home” is the fucking shit, and I mean that in a good way. This goes hard as hell. The original was essentially a Cypress Hill ripoff (not an insult since Cypress Hill is awesome but lets be real after learning about Seo Taji and The Boys I can hardly view them as anything but creepy.) BTS did a great job making a more modern version and on top of that BTS aren’t creepy child-grooming YG. Oh yeah that happened. I’m telling you research that group. Although the music video doesn’t have BTS in it, I don’t really care because it’s dope as hell.



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