[Mv Review] Dreamcatcher – “Fly High”

Dreamcatcher earn yet another notch on their belt!

Dreamcatcher is an awesome and badass group. Their time as Minx was cute but Dreamcatcher has proved to just be even better. With “Catch Me” and “Good Night” being some of my favorites of 2017, I was of course excited to see they’d be making a comeback; and “Fly High” lives up to my hype.

“Fly High” isn’t as dark as their first two releases but it still goes just as hard while while remaining lighter. I can listen to this and feel like a video game character with superior fighting skills and magic abilities while also frolicking in a green meadow. It’s honestly the perfect kind of “summer” song for a group like this.

The music video suits the song to a tea. It’s still Gothic while also has a much more breezy and brighter summertime feel to it. I really dig the G-Friend style over-saturated nature shots mixed with the more horror movie bits. The choreography is also very well executed; the styling is on point as all of the girls look amazing.

Siyeon looks fabulous as usual.


In the end Dreamcatcher have another flawless hit on their heads. I do wish for them to get more popular because they deserve it but they’re already doing pretty well for technical rookies so really, it’s just a matter of them continuing to gain traction.


Author: suhoftw

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