The Latest Media Hit On Sulli is the Worst Yet

sulli 2017 high cut

Sulli while still remaining popular and well liked by many also has her fair share of people who will rip and ridicule her for quite literally the most basic shit such as minor drunk injuries, cutting a bit of her own hair before a major hair cut, and enjoying social media.   And thus she’s been hit by majority of media and has had numerous click-bait articles written about her because rather you love or hate her, Sulli=clicks in Korea which means more chump change for armchair journalist, however the most recent hit from media has to be the worst.

I’m someone who at first was sad that Sulli left f(x) because f(x) is my favorite group and enjoyed them together as five. But I didn’t let it upset too much because at the end of the day, I’m one fan all the way in North America with zero ties to SM entertainment, so there is literally nothing I could do about it; and at the end of the day, Sulli was being overexposed due to numerous rumors being spread about her at the time and it was having a very serious affect on her mental health. In the end, I think her leaving f(x) was both a positive and negative thing because while she is doing what she wants with her life, the media still uses and overexposes her for netizen hate purposes, but in the past year Sulli has been trolling the fuck out of everyone and the reactions from salty Sulli haters and f(5) truthers have been hilarious. But over the past few months she hasn’t been as “trolly” but that still doesn’t mean articles and hits at Sulli won’t exist anymore.

Today an article was written about Sulli in which it basically framed her as biting her cat and laughing at it’s pain. This would be a pretty bad look for anyone, and it’s not something I condone at all. Sure my cat can be an asshole, but I don’t want to see her in pain and crying about it. I mean, just look at these screenshots:

sulli cat bite

I first saw these pictures floating around twitter and got pissed. I thought “What the hell Sulli? That’s a pretty sick thing to do!” Then left it at that, at first I thought this was a picture she uploaded to Instagram, but as it turns out it’s actually apart of a long Instagram-Live video she did earlier this day, but more on that later.

The reactions from netizens were translated here and as usual they were not kind to Sulli but even more so because if you just went by this article, you’d think Sulli actually participates in animal abuse.

2. [+273, -32] Isn’t this enough proof for animal abuse?

3. [+159, -7] She’s sick in the head… psycho, sociopath, psychopath… She gives me goosebumps.

5. [+39, -4] Oh come on, you have to admit this isn’t sane.. look at the cat’s facial expression and Sulli bursting out laughing in the back… goosebumps

9. [+28, -0] You can tell she used her teeth to pull the skin up… totally not a “ang~” bite that you do when something’s so cute…

And plenty more comments were people are just calling her “psycho”, “bitch”, “psycho bitch”, and “someone who needs mental help.”

Not to also mention that the same goes for i-netz only much more funny:

aj screencap1

SOURCE: Asian Junkie

Now before I knew what actually happened I was inclined to agree with this comment, slightly. The whole “woke feminist” slang thing has been misused so much it barely has any meaning left, but I get what they were saying. I’m a feminist, and I get extremely tired with defending someone just because they’re a woman. Not only is that just White Feminism laid out to dry in the sun, it makes feminism look like a joke, and a big one at that.

But when you actually know what the hell actually happened, comments like these are stupid and SHOULD be the ones getting deleted.

Here’s a full video of Sulli’s Instagram-Live video:

Now if you don’t want to sit back and watch all seven minutes of it, I’ll fill you in. Just watch the first two minutes and thirty seconds of the video. Yup, that’s it, the first two minutes and thirty seconds. The cat doesn’t cry, the cat doesn’t even make an angry face or show any serious discomfort. All it does is lift it’s head in some form of annoyance. And Sulli isn’t even biting the cat as hard as I thought she initially was. Keep in mind, biting a cat regardless of how hard is WEIRD AS FUCK but I digress.

Okay so they took it out of context, that’s bad, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary. Think again, if you pay close attention, to how the pictures/screencaps have been arranged in the articles making her seem like an animal abusers show her biting the cat first and then screenshot the cat at a moment that makes it look like it’s yelling, when it was really yawning, the second. So as to make it look like Sulli bit the cat first and then the cat cried out in pain. This was 100% out of order and doesn’t follow the events of the video accurately at all.

The beginning of the video is basically Sulli kissing her cat and talking to it while it’s sleeping. Next thing you know she playfully blows her breath onto it’s back causing her lips to vibrate against it’s skin and waking it up. It yawns at around the 1:48 mark of the video. This is the screencap that was taken out of place to make it look like the cat was screaming because it’s mouth was open. So going in the events of what they want you to think happened, that would mean that Sulli nibbled the cat before it yawned right? Wrong. Sulli doesn’t nibble the cat until the 2:18 mark.

To summarize,

In order to sell the “Sulli is an Animal Abuser” story they had to make the order of events seem like:

Sulli bit the cat > the cat screams

But how it really happened was:

The cat gets up and yawns because of Sulli’s kissing and breath > Sulli nibbles the cat > the cat just looks sleepy

So really these pictures:

sulli cat bite

Are not only screenshotted in a manner to make her look bad but also falsely arranged to make her look bad as well. If these journalist actually presented these screenshots in the order of events accurately to the video, then their places would actually be switched!

This is deliberate manipulation to make Sulli look bad, and what’s worse, there wasn’t even that much effort thrown into at least making the order add up and what’s even worse is that people are believing it, and no matter how much evidence gets thrown their way, bot by i-netizens and k-netizens alike they are still convinced Sulli is an animal abuser and that things happened in the order of those hit articles when they actually don’t!

This just really rung home for me because I’m an animal lover and a cat owner and I absolute hate it when people abuse animals. It’s a sick and disgusting act! But I also cannot stand it when people are falsely accused and have their name tarnished because of bored armchair journalist who think they make the world a better place by misrepresenting situations to fit their own biases because they think their shitty opinions makes the world a better place.

This is serious, Sulli may actually never be able to recover from this and that’s sad because she truly doesn’t deserve this. South Korea does have an animal abuse problem, just last year a South Korean woman saved 200 dogs from being killed for food purposes; there are plenty of people to talk about in that regard. But because Sulli=clicks people thought it was okay to use a video of her playing with her cat and use her basically as a scapegoat.


In the end this is just so frustrating because, like I said, some people just don’t want to listen and so some people will actually think of Sulli as an Animal Abuser and nothing else in the same way that despite all of the evidence going against it IU is still called a pedophile by some people who are just willingly ignoring their ignorance.

I would love for journalist to stop blowing everything Sulli does out of proportion however until the general public decides to leave Sulli the fuck alone we’ll continue to get articles like this.



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