Baekhyun’s True Father Revealed

baekhyun mullet

So we all know SM’s latest hair victim is Baekhyun, and while SM’s choice in hair styles has always been rather questionable, I never thought I’d see the day they give someone a mullet, but there’s a first time for everything right? And boy are the fans have fun with it!

Like for instance this fan, who knew something no one else did! Apparently Baekhyun is the long lost son of Billy Ray Cyrus:

baekhyun billy ray cyrus


I mean…

billy ray cyrus

The resemblance is uncanny!

He’s also made it to another Wikipedia page!

baekhyun mullet article

Baekhyun’s bringing it back!

This just further proves that while the K-pop fandom is hell 99% of the time, it’s moments like this that make it worthwhile.

The bottom line here is we’re all stupid for not realizing this sooner and Baekhyun is the official mullet king after having the torch passed to him by his loving father.



Author: suhoftw

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