[MV Review] EXO – “Ko Ko Bop”

EXO return with “Ko Ko Bop” which is their “wall hitting moment”

I’m someone who generally enjoys EXO’s songs. I dug their predebut stuff, “Mama” was dope, loved “Wolf”, “Growl”, “Overdose”, “Call Me Baby”, “Love Me Right”, “Lucky One” and “Monster” have all been favorites of mine. I even like their other stuff like “Lightsaber” and even “Miracles in December” as well as their other winter stuff. Their albums have been fairly good as well.

With those string of hits “Ko Ko Bop” really comes off as them hitting a wall. A crash if you will. It’s their worst comeback yet. It starts of promising with a good reggae vibe which gets overcast with trap beats and builds up to possibly the most generic breakdown ever. The song doesn’t really do much after that but rinse and repeat. There’s just nothing really interesting about the song, nor does it really have anything that makes me want to listen to it. It’s a song that I’d honestly avoid. It’s also the kind of song that’s just really out of style, if this were released in 2015 it would make more sense but in 2017 it just sounds stale.

EXO is the kind of band where if their song doesn’t grasp you, their videos will usually hold your interest because their vids usually have interesting visuals and at the very least, you’ll find the members attractive. But it’s hit or miss here. Suho, Xiumin, and Chen look amazing but the same can’t be said for the other members. Why in the fuck would they give Baekhyun a mullet? And those twists on Kai are just no. I also see SM is back to fucking up Sehun’s hair. The effects in the video are impressive and like the general feel of it but not enough to really save it.

At least we got this.


In the end “Ko Ko Pop” is just plain bland and unenjoyable, and judging by the songs used in the individual members teasers, this is just one of those times where the rest of the album is miles ahead of the title track. So expect an album review in the near future.


Author: suhoftw

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4 thoughts on “[MV Review] EXO – “Ko Ko Bop””

  1. Kokobop is a tune. But not one necessarily fit for a title track. There is so much build up but no great moments here. The Eve was miles better

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