I Rank Day6’s Half-Year 2017 Releases


Day6 is a group I’ve reeeaaaallly warmed up over the past couple of months. I wasn’t really feeling their early songs despite that I actually like their genre/sound. Plus then there was that dating scandal that put their careers on hold for a bit and I kind of feared what would happen to the group because companies, even JYP, can pull that whole “make-or-break” thing when it comes to stuff like that.

But once 2017 hit they had a pretty genius marketing tactic (at least in my opinion) when it comes to using that play on their name for them releasing a new song on every 6th day of the every month until December with a full length album being released about a week ago. It also doesn’t hurt that most of the songs have been pretty excellent so this is really just me ranking the songs from my favorite to least favorite as of July 2017 making it (technically) passed the half-year mark.

young k smile

And in terms of members, the bassist Young K/Brian, is my favorite.

1. “How Can I Say?” (March)

I’m still on the fence about rather I like this more than “I Wait.” However it’s currently my favorite as I keep humming the melody of it and singing some of the lyrics. Speaking of which, these are some really depressing lyrics.

2. “I Wait” (January)

I like the mixture of synths and regular rock sound in this a lot. I gave this a rave review over at Asian Junkie when it first came out and I still stand by everything I said in it. It’s great. This music video is just gorgeous and futuristic. Also I laugh towards the end towards the band shots because Young K is rocking out so hard in comparison to the rest.

3. “Dance Dance” (May)

This is a lot more upbeat than my first couple of favorites and a great change of pace from their usual stuff but still has that smooth touch. It’s just a really fun great song and I dig the clear cut black and white filter used in the MVs. The boys are really cute.

4. “You Were Beautiful” (February)

Despite this being one of the slower releases, I actually really dig this. I like how it starts off moody in the beginning and then gets all ethereal sounding in the chorus. It’s just good okay? Truth be told I still don’t know what draws me to this song I just know I like it.

5. “I’m Serious” (April)

Upbeat like “Dance Dance” but more a more summery feel, it’s highly enjoyable and I enjoy singing a long to it. I could actually see it going up my bias list in the coming weeks.

6. “I Smile” (June)

It’s not that I dislike it, I don’t. It’s just I feel like I’ve heard this song 100 times before. In every single Disney Channel Original Movie.

7. “Hi Hello” (July)

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It’s just too sappy for me.

So yeah, Day6 is awesome. I look forward to their new releases over the next five months.


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