[MV Review] Red Velvet – “Red Flavor”

Red Velvet make a comeback with the uplifting, fresh, and poppy summer jam we all need!

SM has been killing it this year. From Taeyeon to BoA they’ve been super consistent with releasing some quality songs, and honestly, I see why they remain the top company. And no, I am NO SM stan in the slightest, however I give credit where credit is due, they’ve been smashing it with their artists and releases the past few years and 2017 has to be one of their best years yet.

Red Velvet is a group I’ve been hardcore stanning since possibly their debut. They haven’t really put out a song I hated. “Rookie” still remains in my top 5 of the year and I was super excited for this comeback. When I first heard “Red Flavor” I thought it was okay but wasn’t quite Red Velvet enough if that makes any sense. Red Velvet usually has something bizarre in their songs that gives it that extra kick which was present in both “Dumb Dumb” and “Rookie.” But once I listened to this song again, I totally fell in love with it, it’s damn near pop perfection and it’s now one of my favorite songs of the summer. It doesn’t try to hard to be out there and weird, but it’s still hard hitting and makes me want to dance like all of their other “red” tracks. I totally love how Wendy and Seulgi’s voices are used throughout, and I love how they threw in Irene’s more raspy raps with Yeri’s cute ones. The only member who I feel got a bit jipped this time around was Joy, but Joy has such a clear voice that her parts are memorable and her adlibs were super cute.

I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t hate this MV. I love the really bright and colorful sets mixed with the green screen effects and the tropical ones. It had a very 90s feel. It’s very similar to their debut music video with “Happiness” with the color coordination and all of the screen tricks. The girls looked¬†stunning;¬†Seulgi and Wendy (“prom queen” indeed) take the cake for me, this is some of the best styling I’ve seen on both of them. At first I wasn’t 100% sure if I’d like the blonde on Yeri, but the way it’s styled in the music video is so flattering to her. Joy is the next person in the Red Velvet lineup to get red hair, and she rocks it as well. I really love the fact that they gave Irene black hair this time around, even though the bangs are way too short, she still somehow makes it look good. I don’t really get why netz think it’s okay to drag her for her age; who gives a shit if she’s drop dead gorgeous?

ALSO A BIG PLUS FOR COLOR COORDINATING THEM AGAIN! I love the color coordination theme.



And now I’d like to take the time out to rail against SM and netz in general: picking on Wendy because of her wait is disgusting! Forcing her to dangerous diets is not cool. You’d think SM would have learned from SNSD about that kind of shit, but I guess not. Hell even Taeyeon and Sunny have had to come to RV’s defense on the topic of eating and dieting because of the messed up stuff SM’s been trying to do to them. And what’s worse? Netz think it’s okay to call Wendy names and mock her weight! Like stop that, only really insecure people would feel the need to bring down someone more successful than them for something so trivial.

End rant.

“Red Flavor” is a great song with a great summertime feel that packs a good RV-style punch. It’s a nice change up from RV’s usual style and even a good call back to their debut. I can see myself playing this a lot over the next couple of months.


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