[MV Review] T-ara – “What’s My Name?”

T-ara make their final comeback (under MBK at least) and the results are well welcome from start to finish.

What I like about “What’s My Name?” is that it sounds a lot like T-ara’s older stuff from their Absolute First Album era, which is synthy electro-pop sound carried out buy a good beat. They modernized the sound a bit with the hints of “tropical-house” or whatever in the chorus which actually gave the song some flavor and separate identity from their other stuff. While the song is actually sad, it’s still very upbeat and sounds very much like T-ara even though Soyeon and Boram were sadly not involved.

The music video is gorgeous with tons of gif worthy moments due to just how drop dead gorgeous everyone looks. They all look fresh and styled great. I’m not even sure what moments to even post here because the MV is so good. The only thing I really have to complain about is that the dudes didn’t really seem to ad any purpose? They were there in the beginning of the MV and then only showed up like twice after the intro. Didn’t get that. I like that they didn’t completely forget Soyeon and Boram and included six glass bottles and not just four.

Overall “What’s My Name?” was a good foot to end on with MBK. It’s a great song with a gorgeous video which is always expected with T-ara. The only shame is that it doesn’t come with Absolute Second Album but in the end, it’s still T-ara and all we can do right now is wish them luck on their next endeavors.



Author: suhoftw

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