[MV Review] BoA – “Camo”

BoA saves K-pop yet again!

Holy shit “Camo” is a an amazing song! This was a great direction for BoA to go in after the stunning album that was Kiss My Lips. Asian Junkie describes it as “flawlessly-constructed” and yeah, that’s pretty much it. I literally have zero complaints about this song. None. It’s so cool and futuristic sounding and powerful but BoA’s vocals still shine through perfectly, that “camouflaaaaaaaage oooo-ooo” bit is super catchy. This winds up being something new and classic BoA all at the same time. Something unexpected and completely expected. It’s just good, good, good.

The music video is also pretty stunning. It’s one of those videos that matches the aesthetics you’d think of while listening to the song. Something odd, futuristic but very glamorous as well. I love the red, black, white, and silver color palette the video works with. It’s all just really well done and of course with BoA you’re gonna have some stunning choreography and she delivers as always.

I’d love to see BoA in a “Terminator” movie.


How does she do it? How is she so damn effortlessly cool? What is her secret? We’ll probably never know, but all I can say is BoA rocks. “Camo” rocks. Stan her.


Author: suhoftw

This is a blog about K-pop, I do reviews and sometimes opinion pieces+editorials and random shitposts.

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