[MV Review] BLACKPINK – “As If It’s Your Last”

Blackpink make a comeback with one of the most fun songs of the summer yet!

“As If It’s Your Last” has gotten 2NE1 comparisons which is fair enough given it is a Teddy production and it is very 2NE1-ish especially in the verses, but there’s something about “As If It’s Your Last” that’s just so refreshing. It’s just very fun and upbeat and it does remind me of how fun and uplifting 2NE1 were in their old days. Blackpink did a good job with this as the girls have all the charisma to pull a song like this off right from their debut era. I dig the wall-o-wee beat in the verses to the spaghetti-Western vibe in the bridges between the verses and chorus to the synth-pop 80s chorus. When I first heard the chorus I actually thought it was kind of jarring in comparison to the rest of the song but once the second chorus came I was sold. I totally dig the production on the song. My only complaints is that YG has got to stop making Blackpink 2NE2 with having Rose imitate Bom (Rose and Bom have their own voices and that’s not a bad thing) and making Lisa imitate CL. I actually don’t mind Lisa’s rapping here in the beginning (“call me pretty and nasty” lol) but then I feel like in the middle YG went “It’s not CL enough.”

Here’s the thing, YG needs to stop babying Blackjacks. I feel like he’s trying to make up for mistreating 2NE1 (something most YG stans will never forgive him for) by making Blackpink 2NE2 and hoping they forget all about it, or at the very least, help fill the void. Is it working? It seems to, but it’s annoying as fuck and it’s not something that he can keep on going. And this isn’t a slam against the girls themselves, they rock their concept and it’s not even the concept that’s the issue, it’s the execution. [End rant.]

The music video suits the fun vibe of the song by making use of colors, effects, and and cool sets. The girls all look super cute, with the standouts being Rose with her new dark hair and Lisa working the orange.

She looks very Seohyun-ish to me here.


It’s a great comeback from the girls, I can see myself listening to this a lot this summer, Blackpink’s a group of really fun girls and it shows a lot here, they’re the kind of group that will probably always be entertaining and what’s K-pop if not pure entertainment?


Author: suhoftw

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