Red Velvet Reveals “Red Flavor” Teaser Pictures


Red Velvet are making a comeback on June 9th with another mini album, from the looks of it, it will be very summery, like most girl groups in the summertime. This marks Red Velvet’s first summer comeback since their debut with “Happiness”, minus the dip-dye (I REALLY want to see Yeri with purple dip-dye but I digress.)

The teaser pictures definitely deliver.

First up is Irene, who of course would be the only one to pull off baby bangs (see 3rd image). Also thank god SM gave her black hair.

rv irene3rv irene2rv irene1

Then Yeri, who is all grown up and gives Krystal from “Red Light” era vibes with the blonde hair.

rv yeri3rv yeri2rv yeri1

Next we have Joy, the next member in Red Velvet to rock red hair (notice since “One of These Nights” there’s always been one member in Red Velvet with red hair: Wendy, then Yeri, and now Joy.)

rv joy3rv joy2rv joy1

Then we have the woman, the legend: Seulgi.

rv seulgi3rv seulgi2rv seulgi1

And last but not least, Wendy who probably has the best hair-change this comeback.

rv wendy3rv wendy2rv wendy1

I don’t know why but this is makes me think of SHINee’s “View” for some reason. Either way the girls look gorgeous and I can’t wait to hear the song.


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