[MV Review] WJSN – “Happy”

WJSN continue their streak of good songs, this time with a high sugar twist.

Fun fact: I actually heard this song when it came out. I didn’t even know they were having  a comeback until I heard it. BUT I’m just now seeing the MV for the first time.

“Happy” is what I like about WJSN’s more “fun” side: it’s kooky sounding and bright with a lot of girly shit thrown in there. I like the verses because they’re high energy like the chorus, the parts right before the chorus are pretty and adds a nice break to the chorus which is very fun sugar coated goodness. The fast-paces rapping also suites the song because a slow rap wouldn’t really suite an instrumental that’s going 1,000 miles per hour. It’s a song I can see myself repeating a lot because let’s face it: there’s nothing like a high energy summer song about being happy.

I dig the music video, it’s colorful without the retina-tearing aspects of some other music videos (think of KARA’s “Step” MV. Iconic but still if your eyes are sensitive you better but on some sunglasses before watching it.) It’s both colorful, bright, while still being aesthetically pleasing. I also dig how the edits make the girls movement cartoon-ish. Referee Cheng Xiao is the best and she looks great as usual. Blonde EXY was a misstep though. Umm, holy shit black haired Bona is everything. Seriously, the blond she’s been rocking since debut really washed her out because she’s really stunning with black hair.


All the other members look really good as well, I think since they’re rocking darker colors it washes them out less making their features stand out more.

In the end this is a great comeback from WJSN it’s a shame it’s going unnoticed as I really haven’t heard many people talking about it, but it WORKS FOR ME!


Author: suhoftw

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