[MV Review] NCT – “Cherry Bomb”


[Insert The Runaways joke here]

NCT is a group I’ve always been polarized on. Their debut with the trippy “The 7th Sense” didn’t impress me as a song at first, but it grew on me quite a bit.I strangely liked Dream’s “Chewing Gum” even though that was some pedo-noona bait if I’ve ever seen any. The rocked my fucking world with “Firetruck” which I replayed the shit out of as well as their first mini. But I did always enjoy 127’s aesthetic because it’s essentially what it would look like if SM managed a YG group, which I honestly think is pretty cool.

“Cherry Bomb” goes just as hard, if not even harder, than “Firetruck” but it’s even better because it’s a lot better constructed than “Firetruck.” I love that deep synth riff that goes throughout the harder and bass heavy bits mixed with the dreamier R&B stuff. I really like the fact that R&B is kept more as something that comes and goes throughout the songs, I find a lot of the hard K-pop stuff these days that has those R&B moments tend to be more “half hard hip-hop and half R&B” or in some case “a quarter hard hip-hop and three quarters R&B” which is fine if it weren’t for most of these songs being carried as if they were hip-hop songs, or if it weren’t so jarring when they do it. “Cherry Bomb” keeps the hard instrumental over some of the R&B singing and then has a different breakdown where there is both the singing over the dreamier instrumental and rapping to transition us back into the harder stuff. It’s not just the cut and dry from one part of the song to the next, they each lead to each other. This is honestly one of the best songs to come out of SM in general.

Let’s also mark that this song is four minutes and 30 seconds long but doesn’t feel as if it’s being dragged on.

The music video is out there just like the song, but not too out there. It combines SM’s usual suave style mixed with a more street style but it actually works really well especially with their fashion. I swear there were like five or six costume changes in this music video and I dig the baggy red white and black pixel-camo pants suits that match the cover of their first mini album. There’s also a lot of references to speed racing(?) as if their prepping for Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Seoul Drift. But I will point out this basically looks like a more swagged out version of EXO’s “Call Me Baby” music video. Per usual, NCT are awesome dancers that keep SM’s momentum going strong.

Also Yuta is…freaking hot.



I’m like not okay after seeing that. Like at all. I need a moment. His scene in this MV fucked me up. Not only did the song fuck me up but then HE had to fuck me up along with my entire bias list. Shit man. I’m sorry.

A+ NCT. Just A+ man. You want to bring it and you BROUGHT it. I’m shook.


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