[MV Review] Hyoyeon – “Wannabe”

How in the fuck did this grow on me?

I’ll be honest, when I first heard this I thought it was utter garbage. I wasn’t feeling it at all, I thought it was a spit in the face to “Mystery” which I loved. I wasn’t feeling that “lawn mower” noise in the rap bits at all.

But then, I don’t know I just kind of¬†did. Like now I can say that I actually enjoy this song, and after listening to it a couple of songs, that lawn mower isn’t actually as bad as I thought it was. It actually really¬†works with the rest of the song. I’ve never been a big fan of SNSD rapping, so not even going to mention it here, but I will say, if any SNSD member should be rapping, it should be Hyoyeon. She’s really the only member (besides maybe Tiffany-the rap in “Holler” for some reason always pleases me) that has the energy to make it exciting. The chorus and more jazzy bits aren’t jarring and is actually quite nice to get a break from the hip-hop parts. It’s overall just a really snazzy track and I couldn’t really see anyone but Hyoyeon pulling this off.

This is also a good example of a K-pop song with a rap break that actually suits the song, San E’s contribution is fun and flows well with the rest of the song and doesn’t come off as jarring or nonsensical; great job with that.

I like the kind of grimy-meets-glamour look and feel of the music video. Dare I say it reminds me of Christina’s “Dirrty” music video? However way more glamour than dirrt. Hyoyeon looks hot as hell like usual and the styling here really suits her. She’s of course wearing confidence and works everything, I mean shit, she was able to pull of her choreography in bell bottoms for crying out loud!

So hats off the Hyoyeon because I’m low key still falling for this track.


Author: suhoftw

This is a blog about K-pop, I do reviews and sometimes opinion pieces+editorials and random shitposts.

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