[MV Review] Chungha – “Why Don’t You Know” (Feat. Nucksal)

My favorite member of I.O.I set out on her solo journey and the end product is satisfactory.

“Why Don’t You Know” follows that trendy summer pop+house sound that’s been popular for the past couple of years with some synths and tropical-ish breakdown. It’s pretty good and refrains from sounding sloppy which give it an upper hand. It reminds me quite a bit of Taeyeon’s “Why” for the reasons stated above.

While I enjoy Chunga’s vocals on the track during the chorus it can sound horse as if she’s straining to reach a note. I don’t think that’s fair to Chungha since her strong point has always been her dancing and I feel like having a heavier dance track would have better suited her.

As for the rapping feature, don’t really know what was the purpose of it since it added nothing to the song. It’s not bad rapping just rapping that doesn’t suite a purpose. At least it’s not Migos-slowing-down-“Bon Appetit”-by-30% bad.

The music video is A E S T H E T I C ¬†AF. It’s very beautifully shot with tons of interesting special affects added. I don’t quite get the obviously CG dolphins but adding the ocean/sea as the sky was a great addition. Chunga’s fashion is on point and the dancing is good as highlighted in the performance version.

In the end this was a descent enough debut from Chungha. While not anything overly spectacular, she does a good job with what she’s been giving and I look forward to more of her solo stuff in the future.



Author: suhoftw

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