Playing Catch-Up: Boygroup Edition (Seventeen, iKON, Got7 + Nugus)

Another week in K-pop has passed as well as a week of releases I have yet to see; mostly from boy groups. With three major boygroups (iKON, Seventeen, and Got7) having comebacks in the same time this is bound to be, if nothing else but interesting.

Seventeen – “I Don’t Wanna Cry”

It’s different from their usual upbeat stuff however it’s not bad at all. This is basically a sadder version of The Chainsmokers and Halsey’s “Closer” however it’s not very down and dreary. It’s like a melancholy dance song if that makes any sense. Music video wise it’s great, I love the choreography and the scenery plus Hoshi, S.Coups, and Wonwoo get plenty of screen time so there’s not that much to hate on anyway.

iKon – “B-day”

Oh iKon…I don’t even know where to begin? Every time you get an inch, YG takes a mile and “B-day” is a perfect illustration of that. There are some really great parts of this, particularly the upbeat guitar parts with the vocals or more subtle rapping that’s reminiscent of Block B’s sound; but THEN it has to have equally terrible parts that makes the song extremely unlikable. The one thing that’s consistently cool is the music video, it has a pretty cool and unique style to it that unlike the song, is coherent and thorough.

iKON – “Bling Bling”

This song is miles better with a constant horn riff and a thorough theme throughout of it. I also like how the rapping wasn’t overly extra either. It reminds me a lot of 2006-2009 mainstream USA rap. This is another great music video from iKon, it’s early B.A.P with a slight glamorous twists.

Got7 – “My Swagger”

I had no idea Got7 even made a Japanese comeback, and even better, one that’s avaliable in my country (why is Japan such an asshole with music?!) With a song name like “My Swagger” I expected eye-rolling try hard shit but then I remembered it’s Got7 (a group who gave up the yoloswag stuff after their debut) and that they appeal to the pop side of Japan’s music market. “My Swagger” is a pretty dope dance song and I dig all of the crazy crunchy synth bouncing across the track. The music video is also great, I love the 90s potato cam throwbacks. Also this has to be the best Yugyeom’s ever been styled.

A.C.E – “Cactus”

I never would have known that this song even existed if it wasn’t for Kpopalypse’s weekly round up, and boy would that have been a fucking tragedy! This song is boss, some of the best stuff from a boy group this year if I’m being 100% honest. It’s energetic dance song with tons unwasted potential so big ups to A.C.E! If Snuper were to dive into a more modern sound with a darker image I could picture them releasing this.

KNK – “Sun, Moon, Star”

I mean…it’s not terrible or anything but it’s certainly boring and far from KNK’s best (they actually have a really good past discography.) The saving grace is the gorgeous and tumblr aesthetically pleasing music video.

B.I.G – “Hello Hello”

Another big thanks to Kpopalypse’s weekly round up. B.I.G’s new song is totally boss and basically what iKon’s two other songs were trying to achieve. Nothing much else I can say besides awesome awesome awesome and I also dig the fashion, styling, and choreo in this MV.

VAV – “Flower” (You)

It’s not exactly a new release (it came out in the beginning of last month) but I felt the need to share it anyway because it’s a great and chill summer reggae song with a gorgeous music video that pleases my inner horticulturalist and  deserves more love.

That’s all for now, I have an upcomming f(x) post planned that should be up in the next few hours or tomorrow.


Author: suhoftw

This is a blog about K-pop, I do reviews and sometimes opinion pieces+editorials and random shitposts.

One thought on “Playing Catch-Up: Boygroup Edition (Seventeen, iKON, Got7 + Nugus)”

  1. I really only enjoyed the chorus and Chanwoo’s part of Bling Bling tbh, and I get what you say about the amazing and terrible parts of B-Day. I still lke Ikon though. GOT7 HAD YUGYEOM RAPPING AND IT DIDN’T MAKE MY EARS BLEED IT WAS SO GOOD AND WHAT ELSE IS THAT BOY HIDIng (sorry i had to)
    More Hoshi is never a bad thing.


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