suho_ftw’s First Blog Survey Results + a Happy Birthday for Suho

suho bday

Happy 26th Suho Day!

So a week ago from today I posted my first blog survey and now let’s look at the results. Keep in mind that I didn’t use an IP address tracker so every one of your responses is 100% anonymous (or at least that’s what Survey Monkey says.) So let’s get started.

Okay so the total amount of participants in this altogether is 18 with 18 of you completing part 1 and only 16 of you completing part 2. In the future if there are two parts to a survey then a highly recommend doing both because I use the results to see how my readers are doing, what’s working for the blog, and how I can improve. Trust me, I didn’t want to make two but in order to make a survey longer than 10 questions you have to pay for it and I wasn’t willing to pay for something that I’m only going to use like once or twice a year.

I’m aware that 34 participants isn’t a lot but I’m happy to have a small pool because that means that I can pretty much respond to everyone instead of having to pick and choose “the best of the best” or whatever.

This is also a happy birthday post for Suho, who turns 26/27 today. I figured I’d combine the two since it’s the first survey for this blog and if it weren’t for Suho then suho_ftw likely wouldn’t be around, so expect pics of him sprinkles throughout this post.

With all that said let’s get on with the results!

suho bday2

1. How you doin’?

could be better but my therapist is on maternity leave :((

I’m really sorry to hear that! I hope she can keep in contact with you or put you in with another therapist just as good, I’m looking for counseling at the moment myself so I kind of feel your pain.

Okay! A little smelly

I relate with Chicago being in it’s summer season and all.

I’m okay 🙂

Good 🙂





Image result for suho heart


Couldn’t resist stealing Kpopalypse’s signature first question, huh?

It’s more like I stole from Wendy Williams but even then, neither of them invented basic greetings.

Good 🙂

Good 🙂

Not really sure. On one hand, I’d got exams to deal with and it’s basically hell. But on the other hand ALL THE GROUPS are having comebacks and I can barely keep up!

This was me a good two weeks ago! I just finished up the year and I was torn between feeling exhausted because of exams or excited for all the comebacks.


Oke doke.

Bored, really.

Well then I hope the survey helps with the boredom! What good is the internet without escapism?

Pretty ok actually.

Glad to hear it.

Pretty well actually. I was just writing this paper for English and the rough draft is due tomorrow (procrastination… oh well). But the great thing is I only have to do my conclusion now. Then I decided to take a break and I see a survey on your site and got very excited and run-ons (trust me my grammar is better on the actual paper). So… I’m pretty happy!

That’s great! Also no need to apologize for bad grammar, I’m an English major and I can tell you my writing on the blog pales in comparison to my academic work as well, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.



I’m feeling pretty good today

As am I!

good, great, outstanding, amazing.

^This anon has the right idea. Love yourself, be the light, shoot for the stars.

Very nice!

Very good!

So most of you are doing good which is great and a couple of you could be better, but rest assured I hope you’re all doing better!

2. What realm of the world are you from?

2017-05-22 (1)

Majority of you are from North America, which isn’t really that big of a surprise since I’m from here too! I’m actually surprised at how many of you are from Europe, I thought no one over there looked at this. For some reason Survey Monkey blended to colors between Europe and Oceania however a chunk of the Europe pie is Oceania and I’m not actually shocked at that since I actually interact with a few readers from there as well as South America. A big hello the readers in Central America! No one from Africa or the Middle East sadly.

3. How old are you?


A straight half of you are in your teens, makes sense since I’m currently 19 and have been doing this since I was a bitchy emo 16 year old. Hello to my young adult readers since I’ll be joining this demographic in September, never thought regular and mature adults would find solace in this blog but still nice to see you all.

4. What is your gender? (No I won’t make fun of you.)


Majority of you are female (#Feminism #GirlsStickTogether), not surprising at all, I’m actually pleasantly surprised I have any male readers (#MenandWomenUnite.)  I’m not a shitlord or anything so I make an effort not to judge people for identifying as something out of the norm (especially since I’m not a normie myself.) But only one of you actually is something within the Non-Binary range and, well, here’s the response:

Whatever the latest bullshit on tumblr is.

I shouldn’t have laughed at that. I’m a terrible person. But anyway, I think they’re referring to genderqueer so here’s a good video on that:

5. How did you find this blog?

2017-05-22 (4)

Big ups to my times at Anti Kpop-Fangirl as well as my current state at Asian Junkie which has been slightly halted because I don’t have tits as big as Betsy’s and therefore AJ can’t be bothered editing my yaoi article.

6. How long have you been reading this blog?


Most of you have been reading for about a year which is pretty decent. Thank god none of you answered 2013 because no one deserves to read the bullshit I was writing back then. Big shout out to the two that have been reading since 2014, that’s almost 3 years!

7. What do you think of my writing/the blog in general?

2017-05-22 (6)

So pretty evenly split pie of the positive choices. I’m honestly very flattered by this since none of you read my blog that hate it or me.

8. What would you say are the best parts of the blog?

2017-05-22 (7)

You could select however many you wanted for this question. The winners appear to be my opinions, the reviews, and aesthetic pleasure/fap posts so I’ll definitely keep that in mind. Not many of you are fond of the random shitposts but I enjoy those because I do a lot of random Youtubing and I like to share those vids in between working on posts.

9. What’s something you’d like more of from this blog?

2017-05-22 (8)

You could also select multiple for this ones too. The two winners were more opinions/editorial posts and fap posts. There were 3 specified posts so I’ll answers some now:

I wonder if you’re willing to talk about issues that aren’t limited to just Kpop or even just Asian media in general

I am; however I wouldn’t do it on this blog. I do it a lot on my twitter and because I get asked about issues outside of K-pop all the time on there, but if I were to blog about it, I’d probably open another blog and discuss it there or something like that. I tend to keep this blog catered towards K-pop.

Onew is one of our mutual biases, so more of him please.

With SHINee getting more active these days, expect more Onew.

Lol i think I’ll enjoy anything you’ll write really

Haha, that was unexpected but wow, thanks!

10. Have you enjoyed the move from Blogger to WordPress?

2017-05-22 (9)

None of you dislike it so that’s good and a slight majority of you like it so even better. It doesn’t matter to most of you but it did make things easier on me. Blogger was having A LOT of bugs and it was getting more and more difficult to make posts on it. WordPress is a lot easier to maneuver around with and also gives me a lot more options with my blogging such as editing and cropping pictures without having to go to another site and not having to embed every single video for example.

*This is where part 2 begins*

11. Do you follow suho_ftw on twitter?

2017-05-22 (10)

Most of you don’t and I don’t blame you since my twitter is so bad that it’s basically going to be the downfall of my career ten years from now. I’m actually surprised at how many of you don’t have twitters.

12. Are you aware suho_ftw sometimes writes for Asian Junkie?

2017-05-22 (11)

Nearly all of you did!

13. Do you think I could improve on the blog’s design?

2017-05-22 (12)

Pretty split here. I feel like I could work some things out but in general I like the design too. I included the one about the banner because I got an question or two on it and essentially the reason why the banner keeps changing is because I have the template set up so that the banner alternates between several pictures I chose from when I first moved to WordPress so every time you visit a new page on the blog a new picture of one of my biases should pop up as the banner!

14. Is English your first language?

2017-05-22 (13)

My blog’s in English so I suspected that majority of you spoke it to some degree and I was right but I still wanted to see how many of you were actually comfortable with it or bilingual. I wonder, to the people who don’t speak English as a first language, do you guys use a translator or other methods?

15. Final question: is yaoi good for society?

2017-05-22 (14)

100% of you agree that yaoi is good for society! Isn’t it nice to have people that think of the greater good for humanity?

Here are the final comments from you all at the end of the survey and my responses.

jimin is everything good about this world

Yes, yes he is.

“Is yaoi good for society?” lol thanks for asking the questions that truly matter Keep up the good work :)))

I only care about the greater good of humanity!

Other comments.

*High fives*


(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

You suck for that yaoi question.

You mean S U C C.

I was reading through your yaoi post and I really enjoyed your perspective because I really personally found a lot of myself in your posts, which is really weird to say (basically I like your fangirl-esque perspective but you also have this really cool, sort of nuanced take on big subjects in the K-pop fandom where it isn’t necessarily outright crazy SJW, but a sort of honest, but really idk how to explain it take on things that I really admire, lolz. As I get older, the world really becomes super impressionable for me, and I try and find where my opinions lie and stuff, and while I’m not saying I try and slant my opinions to make them look like yours (lol that’s just creepy), BUT I find that I do agree with a lot of what you have to say and I enjoy reading your stuff, as well as many other blogs. Keep it up! 🙂

This is probably my favorite response because it reminds me a lot of how I felt about K-pop bloggers a good four years ago when I first discovered them, really thanks for the kind message! I do try to keep a balance whenever it comes to K-pop issues because I don’t want be a  bandwagoner and hate everything just because fangirls like it and fangirls can sometimes be problematic, but I don’t want a be psychotic delusional fangirl who sends BTS used tampons and hunt them down in every country they’re in (my twitter is bad enough.)  I’m just someone who enjoys K-pop for the great music, entertainment, and hot idols and blogging is just a way for me to express that. I understand that not everyone will agree with what I have to say and that’s 100% fine because at the end of the day we’re all human and deserve our own identity.

As a straight male, I don’t particularly find yaoi appealing at all, but if that kind of stuff appeals to you, just keep on doing what you’re doing.

Right back at ya! That yaoi article was the first of it’s kind on this blog believe it or not and I was questioning rather or not I should even post it but I’m glad I did because it’s really spawned a conversation unlike anything I’ve ever written in my almost four years of blogging.

Okay uhh hi. All I have to say is keep doing what you’re doing. I know life gets busy especially with school (I’m just a high schooler but same principle). I suppose your school year is done already though (mine doesn’t end until early June). Anyway, I enjoy the posts when you do post and the gifs always make my day. The only problem is I feel like I am slowly being pushed Jimin as my bias the more I read. Maybe that’s not a bad thing. On second thought, keep the Jimin coming.

Trust me, I’m only a freshman in college and I remember how much of a pain in the ass high school can be. But yeah I’ve been out for nearly two weeks now and I’m super happy because I’ve never really been able to enjoy May weather due to being stuck in school all month so that’s pretty awesome. Jimin becoming your bias is most definitely not a bad thing, the only thing to worry about is that he might be the only person you want to see for a few months and the “New Bias Honeymoon Phase” never really ends with him.

Have a nice day! And thanks for the photo of Jimin above. My soul has been cleansed.

You too! And you’re welcome, a photo of Jimin a day keeps Jungkook satan away!

I love kpop for the music, not the idols (too old to really appreciate those young boys), but it’s nice to read a blog more about male idols than boobs and ass! Plus, I love the non naïve tone of the blog.

I fear that day will come to me, I just found out one of my biases was 16 the other day and freaked out pretty hard. If you’re looking into K-pop blogs that aren’t really into the “OMG OPPA NOTICE ME!!! OPPA IS THE BEST!!! I LOVE YOU OPPA!!!” then I guess it is hard because you’re kind of left with those who are just horny fans and well, a lot of them are male. Also wow, never would have thought someone would describe the blog as non naive but I love that compliment!

A big thank you to everyone that participated in the survey! It was really interesting to do and I’m actually happy that I got to read your feedback.


Author: suhoftw

This is a blog about K-pop, I do reviews and sometimes opinion pieces+editorials and random shitposts.

4 thoughts on “suho_ftw’s First Blog Survey Results + a Happy Birthday for Suho”

  1. jimin (and rm) are unf and the hottest members of bts. and he’s cute. those just contradicted themselves but okay. SO YEAH THANKS FOR THE JIMIN PICS I’m gonna look some up for scientific purposes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so happy they started styling Rap Monster better this past year. He’s always been one of the hottest members of BTS (when I first got into BTS I considered him the best looking actually) then Big Hit came with the bleach blonde (which was attractive at times) and the green mushroom cut. It was as if the stylist was coming for blood! The new sandy brown suave cut looks great on him!


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