[MV Review] Twice – “Signal”

Twice continue their winning streak of songs and their climb to Nations Girl Group.

Sorry not sorry, but “Signal” is my jam. I actually didn’t find it jarring at all, not even on the first listen. I like how it’s very bass heavy in the beginning before transitioning into a synthy  pop sound with Jungyeon and Chaeyoung’s vocals and then the upbeat bridge and chorus with their “jirit jirit jirit jirit” bits. It’s overall a great bop and I’m happy with Twice’s change in sound.

The only bits I winded up not liking to much were “I must let you know, Signeul bonae signal bonae” but after a couple of listens they easily grew on me. I also particularly like the fact that Momo got more lines, and you can hear her improvement, and also that Mina isn’t forced to sing in the aegyo tone.

What I find particularly interesting is the fact that people claiming this song is jarring and has no focus are probably the same ones that praised SNSD’s “I Got a Boy.”

Now this video…it actually kind of sucks. It’s not the concept but the direction; it’s all over the place! Seriously I caught myself getting motion sickness at one point, it’s like being on one of those spin-rides only not nearly as fun; not to mention that alien transformation crap at the end of the video is the stuff of nightmares! The use of the weird camera angles as doesn’t do the video any justice. The good parts were when the girls were using their powers (however I though Sana and Jihyo got the short end of the stick here.) I dig the video stylistically (however it was confusing when they all of a sudden were dressing like 1950s and 1960s stereotypes) but I feel like it could have been handled way better.

I will give the video credit for giving Jihyo’s boobs some spotlight though:

jihyo signal gif2

Hard to be mad at this.


They also gave some glorious shots of Momo and Mina:




Overall “Signal” as a song is great and one of my favorites of 2017 already, however the video most definitely is not.


Author: suhoftw

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2 thoughts on “[MV Review] Twice – “Signal””

  1. This song grew on me like earworm. Now it’s my favorite song from Twice. Fuck this shit, why do Twice do this to me with every song ever. I quit.

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