[MV Review] Lovelyz – “Now, We”

Lovelyz return with a single for the repackage and the result is decent enough.

Decent enough.

Not really something I thought I’d ever say about a Lovelyz return but yeah, it’s that time.

Let it be know, “Now, We” isn’t bad, I dig the production on here and I think that overall the song is alright. It’s upbeat and sweet sounding like most of their other stuff however it lacks a specific charm that Lovelyz usually has in their other songs. I really like the laid back verses however I feel that the chorus could have been better.

As for the video, it’s great however it’s so crisp and blue+white that it makes the girls look orange, and given the fact that the current president of my country looks like an oompa loompa from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” I’d rather not see a lot of orange on the human body. I’m refraining from posting gifs and this post because they all look weird with that over-exposed thingy.

Overall “Now, We” is fine. Not terrible, but not great. Definitely not “WoW” quality but I don’t hate it either.


Author: suhoftw

This is a blog about K-pop, I do reviews and sometimes opinion pieces+editorials and random shitposts.

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