Jihyo’s Boobs

While I’m working on the “Signal” review, I’m just going to leave you with one of the best parts of the MV:


Thank me later.


Author: suhoftw

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6 thoughts on “Jihyo’s Boobs”

    1. Nah, I’ve never liked to compare idols to one another like that. It’s what I’ve always found so annoying about the netizens and commenters on Netizenbuzz.
      Jihyo is Jihyo and I think she’s sexy af.

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      1. Personally I’m neutral on the whole comparison thing. With Jihyo its a bit sad she got hit with the “visual hole” label when it could have been avoided by better styling, thus more people appreciating Jihyo’s sexiness.


      2. Her styling in debut era was a bit off, I feel like the clothing made her look thrumpy? “Cheer Up” was much better, she rocked the black hair and bangs. I honestly feel like the “visual hole” label was just thrown by salty netizens who couldn’t really find a valid reason to hate Twice so they took it out on Jihyo since she’s the only member who isn’t model-slim or has a slim but athletic build.


  1. Jihyo shined in every way here. Her vocals were nice, she looked nice, and this was definitely her era. She’s killing it. And yeah I guess she has a nice chest? lOl


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