[MV Review] Snuper – “Back Hug”

K-pop’s most consistent rookie boys continue to release hit after hit!

If ya’ll remember my first Snuper post on the old site then you’d know they’ve already cemented their place as one of my favorite rookie boy group of 2016-2017 due to their amazing 80s influenced songs and increasingly aesthetically pleasing music videos. “Back Hug” continues that staple formula.

“Back Hug” is way more modern than their other tracks but the 80s influence is still strong here and it works. It’s great hearing the more EDM stuff that’s popular now mixed with the synthy 80s style as well as harmonization. The rapping is also not grating or comes off as rushed due to their being more than one rap segment. Snuper hit it out of the ball park with this one. They seriously need to get more popular because I’m gonna need this group to last a long time just from song quality a lone.

The music video reminds of something Up10tion would do, which is a good thing. The dance scenes are smooth and the other more “gritty” aspects of the video are pretty well done as well. Nothing much to complain about, since it’s kind of KPOP 101 but in a good way. My favorite parts would have to be when they dance under the canopy/window thing.

Overall Snuper continue to be awesome with awesome tracks. The only thing is I don’t have a bias yet, mostly due to me not knowing the members well. I’ve spent most of my time with Snuper listening to their music (True fan. Stans talent.) Silliness aside: STAN SNUPER.


Author: suhoftw

This is a blog about K-pop, I do reviews and sometimes opinion pieces+editorials and random shitposts.

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