[MV Review] KARD -“Rumor”

KARD hit us with “Rumor”, another notch on the belt.

I’ve always liked KARD. Their a co-ed group with a mature concept plus good music and aren’t awkward as fuck. Consider me sold! “Oh Na Na” was my jam, “Don’t Recall” was my jam too even though it was just “Oh Na Na” rehashed. And now we have “Rumor” which is a slight change from their regular stuff but still super good.

My only problem with them? Not them so much as DSP. Not even a problem more something I’m curious of/slightly annoyed at. All of these songs haven’t even been their debut single, it’s just warm up singles or whatever. Does DSP think turning into YG will really salvage their company? I have enough trouble getting into Loona.

All that aside, “Rumor” has more reggae influence on it as well as in general just sounds a bit darker of a sound. It gives off a more “lonelier” vibe, as if the members are being isolated and singing to themselves. I don’t know how this is done or even if it was done on purpose but I just get that vibe from this song. Of course there’s the tropical house influence which I really don’t have a problem with, and it overall makes for a nice and smooth song that works with their concept.

The music video is, uh special? I’m not sure how I feel about the vertical cam but all the members look good and the choreography is some of their best yet so, um no complaints? I’m a sucker for street lamps.

Overall this is another good notch of KARDs belt, now hopefully they can debut and take the K-pop world even more by storm. I think I might dig “Don’t Recall” the most out of all their releases but “Rumor” definitely gets a thumbs up from me.


Author: suhoftw

This is a blog about K-pop, I do reviews and sometimes opinion pieces+editorials and random shitposts.

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