2016 Honorable Mentions…In March 2017!




Seeing as how we’re already over a third done with 2017, I felt like posting my honorable mentions of 2016.

SISTAR – “I Like That”

“I Like That” was basically SISTAR going back to form before they started sucking after “Alone.” It’s sassy, sexy, upbeat, and rocks which is what SISTAR are great at.

Wonder Girls – “Why So Lonely”

The Wonder Girls continued their retro success with the reggae flavored “Why So Lonely,” it’s a shame they can’t ride this wave any longer.

EXO – “Monster”

“Monster” is boss and continues EXOs string of good hits. It’s a similar return to their “Overdose” days only with a bit more of darker tone.

EXO – “Lucky One”

Believe it or not, I like “Lucky One” slightly more than “Monster.” It’s just an incredibly smooth and catchy electro-funk song with one hell of a music video.

NCT 127 – “Fire Truck”

Yeah, I don’t know what I like about this either. I just know this was my jam for a good two weeks.

Got7 – “Fly”

It’s like a more trapped out and slower version of Far East Movement and Ryan Tedder’s “Rocketeer”.

Hyosung – “Find Me”

Hyosung’s best song since “Goodnight Kiss.” It’s a quick-tempo dance number with a very catchy chorus. I hope she releases more songs like these!

Oh My Girl – “Liar Lair”

When I first heard this I hated it, but it quickly grew on me. It reminds me of a lot of cutesy girl group songs but with a little something extra to make it stand out.

Oh My Girl  – “Aing” (Feat. Skull and HAHA)

I’m a sucker for Caribbean inspired pop numbers.

Cosmic Girls (WJSN) – “Catch Me!”

R2D2’s K-pop debut turned out good!

CLC – “No Oh Oh”

I love the early 2000s vibe of the song, very um Max Keeble’s Big Move-ish? I could see this winding up on the soundtrack for that movie. I hope CLC go back to cool music like this and not the yolo-swag bullshit they did for “Hobgoblin.”

I.O.I – “Very Very Very”

Very cute and fun song that could have gotten on my favorite’s list had it not been for that god-awful chorus.

I.O.I – “Whatta Man”

They did the Salt-N-Peppa sample justice + Chungha looks amazing here.

Tiffany (SNSD) – “I Just Wanna Dance”

Tiffany’s solo debut was really good with the synthy 80s throwback sound and mixed in with some modern pop with Tiffany’s soothing vocals makes for a pristine release indeed. Tiffany can also dance as good as me (take that as you will.)

Snuper – “You=Heaven”

Honestly speaking the song takes a little more than I’d like to build up but once it does it’s just the pure 80s glory that Snuper is so good at.

Snuper – “It’s Raining”

It’s still very 80s but very different from the teeny-bopper 80s they’d done for “Platonic Love” and “You=Heaven.” It’s a nice pure dark dance 80s song paired with a subdued chorus and a cool concept overall makes it my favorite Snuper song after “Platonic Love.” It was also nice to see the boys in something a bit more darker and mature.

Infinite  – “The Eye”

It’s as good as “Bad” and just as cool too, so of course I’d like it. Plus it features bias wrecker blonde Sungjong.

B.A.P – “Feel So Good”

It’s just an overall great upbeat jam from B.A.P without it straying too far from their usual stuff. Very bassy and funky.

History – “Queen”

Sexy, saxy, bassy, and sensual, this song is honestly just good from start to finish. It would probably be #26 on my favorites list.

Fiestar – “Mirror”

Very moody and dark with the slow synths and soft vocals and Yezi’s subtle rapping. It gets pretty much everything right. Also the music video is gorgeous and I love the use of lighting and filters here.

Yezi – “Cider”

Bomb beat with some aggressive rapping over the top has mad Yezi rise in my bias lists. I enjoy how she takes stabs at the cringe that is Unpretty Rapstar.


Eminem esc in both instrumental and humor so that makes it one of MAMAMOO’s best song to date.

AOA – “Good Luck”

It’s certainly different from AOA but certainly not a bad different. It makes use of both horns and electro, it has a certain flair that I enjoy.


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