Death Threats Are Still a Thing and Are Still Pathetic

jimin wet

BTS has been on their world tour for the past month and have been in America for the past week or two, and with it have come cringe worthy and embarrassing moments thanks to the likes of interviewers calling them the Korean 1 Direction, because BTS and 1D’s music is just so similar and their image is totally the same; to even the hilarious mishap of calling Rap Monster, Rat Monster multiple times. However, what really takes the cake is that some insane person has been sending Jimin death threats, stating that when they perform in Los Angeles, they’re going to shoot him.

Um, the fuck?

K-pop idols receiving death threats is nothing new, Tablo, Taeyeon, Jisoo, even Rap Monster at some point and many more have been on the receiving end of crazies and their willingness to take K-pop too seriously. My thing is why does this shit still happen? First of all, it’s illegal and Big Hit doesn’t show any signs of taking legal action however they are working on enhancing the security; however making death threats to anyone today is just stupid and pathetic.

For one, threatening to kill anyone, let alone a celebrity is stupid. I don’t care how much I dislike the celebrities like Siwon or Tomi Lahren, them being stupid doesn’t mean I’m going to go on my twitter or email them about killing them. Why? Well I don’t have the desire too.  But let’s say I had and did, what would I have accomplished? Nothing but a life prison sentence and the fact that I took away someone’s life weighing on me for the rest of my life. Even if it was just a joke, death threats are a serious issue and for an idol who isn’t too English-savvy it can be kind of hard to differentiate between a harmful “joke” (if you could even call it that) and someone who is serious. So to use the whole “It was just a prank bro!” excuse doesn’t work period with death threats even if the celebrity in question is fluent in English (or whatever language the threat was written in) because wishing death upon someone just isn’t cool.

This has mostly been done over the internet, you leave a trail wherever you go on the internet. The death threats can be traced back to your account and your location can be found. This isn’t back in the old days where you had to have detectives run around with magazine-word clippings on blank sheets of paper. You’re stating this from a public account. There really is no hiding. And if the company takes legal action, which a lot of them are starting to do, then you’re pretty much done for. The person will likely get banned from anything BTS holds in the future, and at the end of the day you’ve just made the United States that much more uncomfortable for them. Again, what are you accomplishing exactly?

It seems BTS just can’t catch a break in America. Last year at their New York performance they ended a concert early because some psycho made a death threat against Rap Monster. I don’t know if this means they have that strong of an anti-fan base or if that means they’ll be grabbing Grammy’s next year.


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