[MV Review] Lovelyz – “WoW!”

One of K-pop’s most constantly great groups keeps up their momentum.

This song isn’t getting the best response, but I’m not one to bite into popular opinion (just wait until you hear my thoughts on Red Velvet’s latest song.) I can honestly say that I fucking love “WoW!” and consider it one of Lovelyz best.

Lovelyz songs normally have a very strict structure in that their songs tend to not venture too out of the left field, and in a time in K-pop where the for the past couple of years is just jamming a bunch of shit into a 3-4minute time slot and calling it a song is popular (and thankfully dying out), their style has always been refreshing. “WoW!” is closest Lovelyz has ever come to a song that’s “out there” and that’s saying a lot even though it’s not even that odd. It’s different in a good way, it has a lot more electronic elements to it, with the heavy usage of synths but keeps their pretty harmonization throughout. It’s so fucking 80s and so fucking good. The chours sounds a lot like “Destiny” but I honestly can find any fault in that if I’m going to be honest. Some parts of the song sound like something straight off of the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” soundtrack.

The video is amazing, has so many entertaining aspects of it of being random but strung together through one colorful theme. It’s totally pretty like all of their other videos and I honestly have zero bones to pick with it. It’s classic Lovelyz putting a spin on their usual formula and it works. The styling here is great too, the only person who got jipped with Mijoo with that piss yellow blonde. Mijoo deserves better than that. I love Jiae’s black hair, this might honestly be the best styling on her yet. The champion of styling here has to be Yein who fucking rocks long black hair and natural looking green contacts.

“Wow!” Indeed.


Overall I give “WoW!” an A+. I can’t wait to put it on repeat.


Author: suhoftw

This is a blog about K-pop, I do reviews and sometimes opinion pieces+editorials and random shitposts.

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