Big Ass Round-Up

Why are uniforms so hot?

Anybitch, lets get on with this.

Hello Venus – “Mysterious”

I like this song a lot. I think the chorus could have been a bit better, as the verses are really neat with the upbeat piano and their whisper vocals. “He’s so dreamy, hot and creamy,” I know that feel HV. Anyway they should be more popular. Nara is trying to overtake Lime and Yeoreum as my HV bias, she’s putting up a big fight. The video is one of the prettiest music videos of the year, the visuals remind me a lot of KARA’s “Pandora” MV during the dance scenes with the block-like iridescent set.

Red Velvet – “Rookie”

Hands down my most replayed song of 2017 so far. My favorite song of the year overall. I’m loving the verses with their choppy rap-like vocals over that guitar riff and the R&B breakdown offers some needed change of pace. The chorus is repetitive however RV have a way of making repetitive choruses not annoying. Also, lets be honest it should be called “Lookie.” The MV is basically tripping balls all over the place and I love how colorful and festive it is. It’s very out of the box and strange. The styling could have been better, but SM always finds some way to fuck over RV in that department. My fave Seulgi looks amazing and Yeri’s new hair cut suits her. The album isn’t good though, which is strange since RV’s album output is typically solid.

Suzy – “Yes No Maybe”

Best music video ever. I love the references to Wong Kar Wai in this. The song is also flat out amazing and I love it. It has this weird, sadistic, seductive feel to it that I never would have expected Suzy to do but it suits her soft vocals so well. She pulls off the music video greatly too and she looks amazing in her smudged makeup and messy jet black hair. One of the best female solos to come from K-pop in a while. I wont spoil the ending even though you’ve probably seen it by now. It makes me want to get tanked and slop around my college town for the weekend.

Seohyun – “Don’t Say No”

I like Seohyun and I like Ariana Grande so this is okay with me however some of the white noise used grates on my ears. The music video is great and looks like some futuristic 80s stuff that’s pleasing to the eyes. Seohyun is a goddess as usual.

CLC – “Hobgoblin”

No. Just no.

Luna (f(x)), Hani (EXID), and Solar (MAMAMOO) – “Honeybee” 

It’s good enough. Nice vocals, the horn needs to chill though. The girls look great here too.

Dreamcatcher – “Chase Me”

Wasn’t expecting this at all but it fucking rocks. I love the mix of pop and rock and I love the witchy theme of the music video. It’s just a shame MINX had to get sacrificed for this.

KARD – “Don’t Recall”

KARD are one of those groups you kind of have to appreciate even if you’re not too keen on their music. However their music is good. “Oh Na Na” was a bop and this is like the sadder version of that. It has that very modern/contemporary sound to it that they manage to pull of well. The vocals mix well with the rapping, the beat is good, and choreography is understated in a good way. Overall, I call this another win for KARD. That glass chessboard set is classy as fuck, I want one.

Day6 – “You Were Beautiful”

Why is this good? Why do I like this? Why is that woman so pretty? Why are Day6 becoming one of my favorite groups?  Don’t actually answer these questions I’m gonna figure them out on myself.

BlockB – “Yesterday”

It’s a throwback to their “Her” days which means it’s great. It’s not as great as “Her” but still, pretty great. “I don’t know why I love you,” I know that feel BlockB. It’s a lot like RV’s “Lookie” with the upbeat guitar licks and R&B breakdowns. It’s a cute, and fun music video that suits BlockB and their gimmicks well.

BAP – “Wake Me Up”

Another great song from BAP. It’s very edgy and subtle but still has a lot of impact even on the first listen. It’s good to see them back on their grind. I love the rapping during the verses and how the chorus picks up significantly carried by a pretty falsetto. The music video is in good BAP fashion of carrying a deeper meaning. Can Youngjae please take me now? 

BTOB – “Movie”

It’s good to see BTOB back, it seems like forever since they’ve had a proper comeback. Anyway “Movie” is a really good and fun song, I dig Joker Ilhoon and Eminem Peniel. 

Day6 – “How Can I Say”

This answers all the questions I initially had. This song is dope and right behind “I Wait” for me. Seriously Day6 need to keep up this winning streak! Also Brian is dope as hell. “I hate me now,” I know that feel Day6. 

GFriend – “Fingertip”

Retro, funky, rocking fun which is a great turn for Gfriend. It basically HAMs up “Navillera”, as if that wasn’t HAM enough and it’s catchy as hell. The music video is very visually interesting and pretty, this has some of the groups best styling. Props to whoever did Umji’s styling as she looks extra stunning here. Extra points for being just in general badass.

That’s all for now. Taeyeon’s stuff will be getting a separate review.


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